Becket Bramble and the Princes in the tower
Becket Bramble and the Princes in the Tower

When Becket Bramble is sent to live with his aunt in York, little does he realise that it would be the start of a terrifying journey that would take him back to medieval England and the iconic Tower of London. With the aid of his magic Templar pendant, Becket becomes embroiled in a desperate race against time to rescue the infamous ‘Princes in the Tower’ from the sinister Lady Margaret Beaufort and the wicked Duke of Buckingham. Will his mysterious time-travelling pendant come to his rescue and thereby alter the course of history? Or will he just be giving fate a helping hand and be destined to drift through time forever. 

Becket Bramble and the Mary Rose

Becket Bramble is once again sent back in time, propelled back to Tudor London by his mysterious ancient pendant. Arriving in the notorious prison, the Clink, Becket is tasked with a dying prisoner’s last request – Save the key! Becket embarks on an adventure through outlaw-ridden forests, encountering a medieval circus, a sinister abbey with its clandestine order of monks, finally pressganged on to the infamous Tudor warship, the Mary Rose, whilst all the time haunted by his nemesis, the evil Beaufort. Will the baffling secret sink along with the doomed ship, leaving Becket drifting in the slips of time, or will his mystical pendant enable him to save the key, save himself and save history from the clutches of Beaufort’s twisted ambitions?

Becket Bramble and the Mary Rose
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Becket Bramble and the Gunpowder Plot

November 1605. Becket Bramble once again finds himself thrust back to the past, his magical pendant propelling him into the midst of the Gunpowder Plot. When Becket saves the life of a persecuted boy, he is befriended by a Jesuit priest, Father Thomas, and is enlisted by the band of religious fanatics determined to send King James and his nobles to damnation. With only days until the infamous plot, Becket must find a way to thwart the plotters, dodge the vicious priest hunter, Red Ranter, outwit Cecil, the king’s spymaster, and most of all defeat his time-travelling nemesis, Beaufort, and her odious sidekick, Levinus Munck. His adventure takes place against the iconic backdrop of 17th century London, an unrelenting journey, from torture at the Tower, to the dripping cellars below Parliament as Guy Fawkes prepares to blow the Houses to rubble. Will Guy Fawkes succeed and exterminate Becket and his family and blast the throne of England to smithereens or will his mystical pendant once more come to his rescue, saving history from the grasp of Beaufort’s evil desire?